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Decoupling Drupal

Over the last few weeks for a proof-of-concept project we’ve needed to produce a decision tree containing a bunch of custom questions to led the user to the right service.

Elasticsearch for the win

I stole that heading from the inspiring Andrew Rowe, senior developer at the Western Australian Museum. Andrew and I worked together for about 5.5 years, and before I left we started a disusion about decoupling the presentation layer and search from the backend.


So this year I decided to participate in GovHack as a "hacker" (I used the quotes as my coding skills are not that great), rather than just a data mentor.

Moving on...

Well. After five-and-a-half years at the Western Australian Museum, due to family reasons I have reluctantly decided to move back to the east coast of Australia to be closer to family. Will stay passionate about museums, biodiversity, data, open source, Drupal, CollectiveAccess and of course, collections.