Project management methodologies - introductory presentation

For the Brisbane December Meetup I gave a talk about as an introduction to Project Management Methodologies, titled "Project Management Methodologies: Waterfall vs Agile vs Half-Arsed Agile".

It's pretty light touch, and doesn't go into a whole lot of detail about each approach, but I thought that maybe there's some value in reading the powerpoint.

One takeaway that might be worth looking at is this table which is on the final slide, gives my opinion about what kinds of Drupal projects are suited to particular project approaches.

Hope you enjoy.

Approach When it use it Don’t go there
  • Platform migrations
  • Mandatory PMO
  • Organisations with limited appetite for risk
  • Known quantity
  • Start-ups
  • Limited funding
  • Confusing tender / contract
  • Small team of devs
  • New development projects
  • Customer insight inspired
  • Drupal 8
  • In-house teams
  • Enterprise companies going for their first open source implementation (unless you’re a rock star PM)
  • Enterprise companies going for their open source implementation
  • Organisations with rigid processes but innovate leaders
  • In-house teams
  • “I’ve heard of this thing called Agile”
  • Lazy organisations
  • Organisations trying to push all risk to the vendor
  • You don’t know who is responsible for which component
  • “I’ve heard of this thing called Agile”
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