GovHack 2015

BrisVegas Estate

Using the SLQ digitised maps and real estate resources, I want to map out the land releases across Brisbane to show how the city grew and evolved. Using maps and resources from the 19th century, you can visualise how the development in South-East expanded, land release by land release, in formed the city that we know today.

< 1880 = blue
1880-1890 = green
1890-1900 = orange
> 1900 = red
undated = purple

Content sourced from State Library of Queensland under Creative Commons.


For use in other applications, here is KML file of all the data points.


The following lists the resources used to create the mapping project, there are the raw data resources downloaded from on 4 July 2015, as well as the refined resources developed during the hack. This represents the total of all resources used to create the map.

Processed resources

  • Image IDs - these were the image IDs that meet the criteria, used a small bit of code to place these into the URL and harvest the image resources
  • Image URL list - refined list of all relevant URLs required for the project
  • Image URL list - refined list in XML format for parsing
  • Mapping data points - refined data list containing all the details needed to build up the map
  • Mapping data points v2 - This is the final refined list, ready for import into Mapbox

Raw resources

Video introduction